Easy ONE First Birthday T-Shirt with Cricut

For Lucas’ first birthday, I made this easy to make ONE first birthday t-shirt with my cricut and iron-on vinyl. Here’s a super quick tutorial if you need a last minute first birthday outfit.

Project Details

Project Cost:

  • T-shirt: $2.44
  • Vinyl: I used a 5″x3″ section of a $7.50 vinyl roll. I have plenty of extra vinyl for other projects.


  • 30 minutes


Steps to Make

STEP 1: Access My Cricut Design Space Project Here

Cricut Design Space

STEP 2: Click “Make It”

Mirror the Image

Make sure you mirror the text above by clicking the toggle to the left!

STEP 3: You mirrored your text, right? Ok, just checking! Place your vinyl shiny-side down on the mat & cut.

STEP 4: Peel the excess vinyl away from the carrier sheet. Here’s an example from my Mommy and Me Happy Camper T-Shirts. You should be peeling the vinyl back from the top of the clear carrier sheet.

If you’re new to iron-on vinyl, watch the below tutorial to understand how to do this.

STEP 5: Follow instructions on your specific vinyl to iron material onto your t-shirt.

For my Paper Studio white vinyl, it required 25-30 seconds of medium pressure on both sides. I used parchment paper between the iron and the vinyl carrier sheet.

STEP 6: Peel back while warm.

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