Our Boho Jungle Nursery

7 short weeks ago our little man was born and it has been the fastest and most incredible 2 months of my life. We are beyond blessed! I loved designing our little man’s boho jungle nursery and I’m so excited to share this whimsical, inviting and most importantly functional space.

Peel and Stick Wall Paper Feature Wall

Peel and stick animal print wallpaper in nursery

The feature wall as you enter our baby boy’s room is one of my favorite spaces in the nursery. It’s just so playful and inviting & really sets the jungle theme! I was able to easily install peel and stick wall paper and put up some floating shelves for books and stuffed animals. The wallpaper and floating shelves were all purchased from Target. In total, this project cost me $30 for the wallpaper, $45 for the shelves and $21.99 for the elephant. For a project under $100, it makes a huge impact in the nursery.

Floating shelves on peel and stick wallpaper in nursery
And how adorable are these crochet animals from Grandma?

Changing Table Dresser and Diaper Shelves

Crib canopy in boho jungle nursery

I bought our dresser/changing table at a local store called Nadeau in Fort Worth, TX. Nadeau has some great pre-assembled and ready to take home wood furniture pieces at affordable prices. I added floating shelves to hold diapers and toys above the dresser. This has been really helpful in that we don’t have to open a drawer and potentially wake the baby up during night changes.

Boho Jungle Crib and Canopy

Felt animal mobile in boho jungle nursery

Pinterest led me to the crib canopy idea for the nursery which I purchased from Smallable. I felt like a canopy would be the perfect way to contribute to the boho jungle theme. We took it a step further into the jungle with the felt mobile featured in the photo below.

Felt animal mobile and crib canopy

The Elephant in the Room – The Roku TV in the Nursery

My husband put a Roku TV in the nursery about 2 days after we can home from the hospital. Initially, I thought putting a TV in the nursery was a dumb idea (sorry honey). I changed my mind at about 2 am the night after we purchased it. During the first few weeks at home, I shamelessly finished the Gilmore Girls & Parenthood series’ while feeding the baby at all hours. Even if you don’t watch anything, the light from the TV can be used to simply avoid waking your little guy during night feedings. Totally recommend it!

Rattan Daybed Dreamin’

Lastly, let’s talk about our rattan daybed. I obsessed over rattan daybeds for months before finding the daybed pictured in the photo at a great price. The height is perfectly level with the bassinet and the railing at the end allows me to lean back at night during feedings. If you have the space, I really recommend putting a daybed in your nursery. It makes taking shifts with the baby so much easier!

Rattan daybed in boho jungle nursery

The Affordable Moroccan Pouf that Every Boho Jungle Nursery Needs

I purchased the Moroccan pouf featured in the photo from Amazon. I got it at a great price but I did have to stuff it myself. This was a pretty hilarious experience! My husband watched as I roamed the house looking for things to put inside of it. I’m pretty sure my high school letterman jacket is in that thing…Oh well! The pouf really helps to recline the rocking chair properly and comfortably while nursing.

Moroccan pouf in boho jungle nursery

I hope that these photos will inspire other moms-to-be with their little ones’ nursery space! Feel free to leave me a comment or ask a question!

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